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Authorize a specific user to select files in a separate library

Expand user access by creating a new authorization list and secure the files the user needs to access with the new list.

LIB A and all objects inside LIB A are secured by authorization list autlA. However, there is a requirement to authorize a certain user B to a select few files in LIB A.

Should I just add user B to the authorization list autlA? This would give user B access to other objects which the user was not previously allowed access to as well.

You could create a new authorization list and secure the handful of files that need the additional users with that new autl. Or, you could grant a private authority to user B to the files to which user B needs access.

I personally prefer to use another authorization list rather than combine authorization lists and private authorities, but both methods work.

This was last published in April 2009

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