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Authorities you need to manage user profiles

I am replacing a programmer and was recently granted *SECADM access. When working with user profiles, however, I only see a small portion. I don't see a large number of profiles. Does this have to do with the user class that created the profile? I have *SECADM and *JOBCTL special authority as well. Any ideas?

To manage a user profile, you must have *SECADM special authority and *USE and *OBJMGT authorities to the profile. When you create a user yourself, you will be the owner and, by default, will have *ALL authority to the profile. When someone else has created the profiles, the authority you will have to the profile will come from *PUBLIC, which, by default, is *EXCLUDE. To see the other profiles, someone will have to either change the ownership over to you or grant you *USE and *OBJMGT authorities to each profile.


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