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Authorities of the QSYSOPR User ID?

Would it be possible for you to send me a specific listing of the purpose, use, and authorities of the QSYSOPR User ID?

The system admin at my company says, "QSYSOPR is assigned for the initial install of the OS system and as a last resort login for disaster recovery. The only authority allowed with this ID is to save and restore the system." I don't believe this is correct and would like to have some sort of documentation to back up my claim.

I'm not aware of anything that states what you should use QSYSOPR for. From my experience in various shops, I see QSYSOPR used extensively, to a little, to not at all. I look at QSYSOPR as a template profile that you can use as a starting point for other profiles. I'm not a big fan of generic profiles that are used by multiple people. I think everybody should be responsible for their own user ID and each user should be authorized to what is needed to do their job. How you use profiles, especially generic ones, is really a matter of your company security policy.


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