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Auditor questions library authorities

Auditor questions library authorities

We are currently going through an audit and they are questioning our authorities on our libraries. The application that is used is menu driven and gives QPGMR access within, thus giving the library objects QPGMR with *ALL access. The overall libraries currently show authority of QPGMR with *ALL and *PUBLIC with *CHANGE or *USE, along with QPGMR being the owner of the library and objects within. If we change the authority on the library for *PUBLIC to be *USE and remove the *ALL access for QPGMR, will that hinder the application from working or cause objects within the libraries not to have the proper authorities?
I understand what you are asking, but I am not sure I can answer this directly so I will answer the best that I can. Depending on what authority level you are on(20,30,40) will depend how the system responds. Not knowing what application you are using is also limiting. One consideration though, If when in the application, you want access to all the necessary objects, consider using the GRTOBJAUT and RMVOBJAUT commands to grant and revoke authority as needed.


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