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Attach an iSeries file to e-mail

I have an iSeries physical file that I need to attach to an e-mail and send out. How can I accomplish this?

The easiest way to do this is to save your DB file to a *SAVF (Save File) on the iSeries using the SAVOBJ command, FTP it to your PC (in binary transfer mode - BIN), and then attach it to your e-mail.

Example, iSeries Commands:

 CRTSAVF FILE(SAVFLIB/SAVFNAME) SAVOBJ OBJ(OBJNAME) LIB(LIBNAME) DEV(*SAVF) SAVF(SAVFLIB/SAVFNAME) UPDHST(*NO) PC Commands C:Temp>ftp SystemName User (S02:(none)): UserID Password: xxxxxxxx ftp> bin ftp> cd SAVFLIB ftp> get SAVFNAME.SAVF

You now have a stream file on your PC, in folder C:TEMP, that you can attach to an e-mail.

The recipient of the e-mail would then do the opposite. Move the attachment to a folder on their PC, FTP it to an existing *SAVF on their iSeries, and then restore the file using the RSTOBJ command.

What is nice about this method is that you could save multiple objects or even a whole library. The objects saved can be any valid iSeries objects too, not just DB files.

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