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Applications development specialist

I'm a student and wonder if you can tell me a little bit about iSeries 400 application development? What type of a salary could I expect in the field and is there a future in the market?
In very general terms -- The bulk of the responsibilities of a programmer/analyst is usually involved in the support and modification of third-party applications 'canned software' such as JDE, Infinium, Movex, etc. Programmer/analysts do become involved in 'from scratch' or 'home grown' development of specific (and perhaps less complex) applications needed by an organization when software is not available in the third party market.

The activities of an applications development specialist involve application definition, architectural design, coding, and implementation of complex applications. These applications are created 'in-house' to address any number of business operations when third party applications are determined not to satisfy the requirements or would require excessive modification to be useful to the business.

As an aside -- Third-party applications companies generally use 'applications development' specialists to perform these tasks on products that are re-marketed to the industry.

Salary? Based upon location and experience Applications Development specialists generally garner $65 - $95k.

Is there a future for iSeries IT professionals? Definitely 'Yes'. The iSeries is the most scalable, robust, and reliable platform available today. It is a mainstay platform for IBM that will continue to be a force in the industry in the foreseeable future.


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