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Analyzing job run information

How can I track jobs as they flow through the system? For instance, I need to know when a job was submitted, how long it was in the jobq, how long it took to execute and when it completed. Short of turning on joblogs for all jobs, I haven't found an easy way to do this. I can programmatically analyze QHST to get run times. It's the part about how long it sits in the job queue that has me baffled.

My purpose for this is to record this information and then analyze it to see if there are job queues that are getting too backed up and also to analyze run times on jobs to get trending information on how long they take to run. To make it a little more complicated, we use JDEdwards, and many jobs are the same job name but are submitted with different parameters for different versions of Dreamwriters and Worldwriters, so I also need to be able to get to the parameter level to track this information by version. Thanks for any help or insight you can give me.

When reading through QHST, the message that you receive that the job started also gives the date and time the job entered the system. With this information, you should be able to retrieve how long the job "sat" in the job queue before it actually started in the system.

As far as parameters submitted with, it can get al little extravagant, but here is an option. Hold the job queue that these jobs get submitted into. Have a program running constantly that monitors the job queue for entries. Use the job number as the key for this. As each job is placed in the job queue, execute the following command through the running job: WRKUSRJOB USER(*ALL) STATUS(*JOBQ) OUTPUT(*PRINT)

Copy the spool file generated to a physical file. Read the physical file by job number and then do a DSPJOB job(&number/User/Jobname) output(*print) option(*joblog) which will give you the parameters that the job was submitted with. This should give you the parameters that you are looking for. Hope this helps.


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