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Adding records to an iSeries file

I'm trying to add records to an iSeries file that I have connected to in Microsoft Access. Every time I try to add a record or update a record in the file, it gives me an error that tells me that this operation is not valid for this file. I've made sure that the file I'm accessing has been defined in the DDS to have the UNIQUE keyword and has a field defined as the key field. I have heard that the commit level has to be at *none. Is that correct? If s, where do I find the commit level?

This is really a commit level issue. It is my suggestion that you not change the commit level when working in client server environment.

In order to be able to allow add operations -- without changing the commit level -- you should journal the updated file on the iSeries database (all files under the same transactions are to be connected to the same journal).

Adding a file to a journal on the iSeries is done by using command STRJRNPF.


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