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Adding journal tapes to the BRMS media pool on AS/400

There are a couple of options for adding journal tapes to the backup for AS/400, explains Ken Graap.

How do I add Journal tapes to the AS/400 for backups? I see you can remove them from the register, but nothing on adding additional tapes. I would like to add to the BRMS media pool. One of our tapes was deleted, and additional tapes are needed.
There are a couple of BRMS commands you can use to add media to a media pool:

Add Media to BRM - Help

The Add Media to BRM (ADDMEDBRM) command adds a media volume to the BRMS media inventory. The volume can be a volume from another media inventory that contains active data, the volume can be a volume from some other outside source, or a new volume that you want to initialize. Once added, BRMS tracks the volume's characteristics, location, use and content.

When you add the volume, you must specify the media class of the volume. You can also specify how you want the volume to move, where the volume is located, its container (if any) and other miscellaneous attributes.


Initialize Media using BRM - Help

The Initialize Media using BRM (INZMEDBRM) command prepares media for use in the BRMS system. This command is used to initialize a volume with a standard volume label for standard label magnetic volume processing.

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