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Adding fields of information in color or reverse imaging

I am a manager requesting a program change from a programmer. We have a sales screen that we use to take online orders from customers. I have asked the programmer to add three fields of information and we wanted to use color or reverse image or possibly flashing to highlight the fields. The programmer said that it couldn't be done due to the lack of indicators. She said that she only had 50 or so available and she need about 200. Can you help me to determine if she is correct? Perhaps there's a new technique that she may not be aware of at this time.

There should be a way to do it but it will probably take some re-engineering of the program. One of the most common ways to use up a lot of indicators in a program is to use the ERRMSG, ERRMSGID or SFLMSGID keywords in your DDS screen source. When you use these keywords, an indicator is associated with an individual error. If you have 50 possible error conditions, you just used 50 indicators. A better technique is to use a message subfile. Using this technique you will use a lot less indicators. Also if you always want to have a field highlighted, color, etc. there is no need to use an indicator at all. If your programmer is not familiar with message subfiles, send me an e-mail directly and I will send you an example.


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