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Adding a new created subsystem to the subsystem list on IPL

How do I add my new created subsystem to the subsystem list on IPL?

To add any commands to the startup process, you must add the startup commands to the startup program. The startup program (by default) is QSYS/QSTRUP and the value can be located by using the WRKSYSVAL command. The system value you are looking for is QSTRUPPGM. This indicates the program that will load on IPL. You can modify this program by finding the source if it has been retrieved, or you can retrieve it, if it has never been modified. It will be a CL program. Remember, if you don't do this one right, your system may not start. When you add the entry for your subsystem, it should look something like this:
You must qualify the library to find the command (as you want to make sure that the program can find the right command, and you want to monitor for all CPF error messages so that if the command fails, the system will continue to start. Information on how to do this is located in the Work Management guide QB3ALG03.

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