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Adding a field to the end of a file, revisited

You recently responded to this question: How can I add a field to the end of a physical file? Is it possible to add a field in LF? I know one way is by editing the source using option two from wrkmbrpdm. I will change the parm LVLCHK to *No, so that I don't have to recompile all programs. But is there any other way? Is it possible by CHGPF?

The CHGPF command (& SQL Alter Table) can be used to add, remove, and change columns from physical files and SQL tables. Logical files would have to be dropped and recreated. The last statement is not correct. The system handles all that for you.
You're right, I meant to say one of the benefits of using CHGPF & ALTER TABLE are that DB2 handles the logical file dependencies.


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