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Acknowledging control characters in a print file on IBM i without writing a program

Issue an override print file command before copying a file to QSYSPRT in order to acknowledge control characters without writing a program on the AS/400.

I have a file that has format control characters in column 1. I want to upload this file to the AS/400 (V4R5). I thought I could just copy this file to QSYSPRT, and it would pick up the column 1 control characters.

However, the file is not picking up the column 1 control chracters. Instead, the file is truncating column 133 and leaving the control characters in column 1. Is there a way to get the control characters acknowledged without having to write a program?

Before copying the file to QSYSPRT, you need to issue an Override Print File (OVRPRTF) command as follows:

This should acknowledge the control characters without having to write a program.

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