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Accessing the I/O area for a file using pointers

I am wondering if there might be an example posted of how to access the I/O area for a file using pointers.

I haven't found one yet. The INFDS gets updated for each I/O based on the record format being read/written. Based on what I know about it, that would mean that you would have a pointer pointing to a pointer. Because INFDS is a structure that is loaded by reference to the pointer at execution time, I would assume that referencing the I/O feedback area by pointer would not be forthcoming any time soon, or if it is, the examples will be in a Redbook, or buried somewhere that us "Average" people won't think to look. You could attempt to try using the %ADDR(varname) to get the pointer to the subfield, but I've never tried that. If there is anyone out there that knows, please feel free to e-mail me and let me know about it.

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