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Accessing data files held within the S/36 env on the AS/400

Our system is a Bespoke System that was originally written for us in the early 1980's to run on an IBM S/34 or S/36. It was adapted to run on an AS/400 using the S/36 Environment option. Most of our AS/400 are risc machines running V4.5 of the OS/400 operating system. However, there are still some countries still using cisc machines running V3.2. The majorities of our files are index sequential and are held on the local AS/400. Can we access data files held within the S/36 env on the AS/400 from applications running in the OS/400 env on that same machine? If yes, can we access these S/36 files from a Java program running under the OS/400 env?

Any "Native" OS/400 program object written in any supported language can access the data in the files. The format you get the data into that application is based on the type and storage of that object. You can create External descriptions for those files using DDS (See the DDS guide) and creating a "Logical" file, or index. This would allow individual fields to be accessible from your applications. This would include accessing this data from Java.


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