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Access a DDM file

What is the best way to access a DDM file in an embedded RPG ILE SQL module within a service program -- as if it were looking in a local database location?

This RPG ILE SQL module was created using all the defaults of a local iSeries system/database (V5R2). However, now the application in which this module runs is on a remote iSeries (V5R2). SQL error SQL7001 is received stating that the file being accessed is not a database file (i.e. a DDM file).

Is there an easy way to change the DDM file or SQL ILE module or the service program to point to the correct target file on the remote system without upsetting the application program logic?

DDM is not supported by SQL. You'll have to look at using the DRDA support -- look into the remote database options on the RPG SQL Precompiler.


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