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ASP pages to connect to distant iSeries database

We've been trying to find help on the Internet and stumbled across your pages. We're using ASP pages to connect to a distant iSeries database via Client Access and an ODBC layer on Windows Server 2000. The response time makes it difficult to use the pages we developed. Have you any info on how we could better set the parameters in the connection layer, or any further pages we could go to. What other info do you need on this problem?
I do ASP to iSeries with configuration similar to yours and have no performance problem. This is probably an SQL tuning issue (for example selecting rows without relevant index). In order to resolve the issue of SQL tuning I recommend you to use OpsNav. Please refer to the following page and download the PDF file for "database"

Using iSeries Navigator.

There may be some useful tips also here:

iSeries Access


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