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AS/400 with 4 complete 9332 racks

I have a full rack mounted AS/400 with 4 complete 9332 racks with a 9336 hard drive array inside a 9309 case? It is huge, and looks to be about 7-9 years old. What is it, where can I find info on it? Would any person or company be interested in it, or anything in it?


I'm not sure what system you have, but the key to finding information on any old AS/400 is the System Serial Number. It should be a number that is in the form of S-10?????. The large rack system would indicate that it is probably an old "Letter" system. That is, something similar to a B60 or a D70 etc. It is a CISC processor, as the 9336 DASD units are not upgradeable to the RISC processor. Unless it you have a use for it such as a company needing a lot of data-entry type processing, chances are it is a very big boat-anchor. It can be used as a file server, if you have a newer AS/400 or iSeries system that you can put on the same LAN.

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