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AS/400 system user class settings versus CL command authorities

An AS/400 user class setting is not necessarily the setting that allows a user to run a command on the system. CL command authorities are separate settings that need to be understood.

I have a user that just needs to start printer/stop printer and change passwords on iSeries. What user call should I give them *user or *secadm? Our security level is set at 40.
I assume that when you say "*USER" or "*SECADM" that you are referring to the user class to specify in their user profile. That's not the place to focus. While the system uses the user class to default the special authorities a profile is assigned, it does not look at the user class when checking authority to an object or to see if the user has sufficient special authorities to perform a task. I recommend that you look through the System i Security Reference manual to understand what authorities are required for the tasks the user needs to perform. In particular, Appendix D should prove very useful as it lists the authorities required to run all of the CL commands on the system.

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