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AS/400 receipt printing stuck in SND

When a receipt is sent to a printer, the printer will print the receipt but then remain stuck in SND and the receipt must be manually deleted in order for the next receipts to print.

User is printing to a receipt printer and the receipt will print but does not allow any new receipts sent to the printer to print and remains in a SND status. User has to manually move or delete the file so it will allow the next receipt to print
This is a little bit difficult to answer, because you provided so little information about the printer specifics. Is the printer communicating via TCP/IP? In any case, using your printer as the key, you should check the information available on IBM reference pages for ASCII printers.

The problem could be that you are using the wrong printer type, IP port value, etc. If the above link doesn't help, you can contact me again with more specifics on the printer you are using.

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