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AS/400 data into Excel using ODBC connectivity

I am trying to pull AS/400 data into Excel using ODBC connectivity. But this requires installation of ODBC Drivers and DSN's in each client's PC. Is there any way that I can configure my ODBC and DSN's in an NT server and then the users can share that driver? I am thinking of putting the Excel sheet itself in a network and having users share. Please advice me how to proceed with this.

That is a good idea, except that the ODBC driver must be registered for each PC. That leads you back to where you are now. If you are running NT and IIS, you could imbed the spreadsheet as an ActiveX object into a Web page on your intranet, thus allowing all users to access the spreadsheet and the results of the ODBC query. Because of the stability of CA/400 and the relatively low cost for a site license, I usually just install it everywhere and everyone has the drivers they need.

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