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A vendor sends a network file via sndnetf to Qsysopr

A vendor sends us a network file via sndnetf to Qsysopr. I want a user to be able to take an option in which a CL would do the rcvnetf. I have an authority issue. Is there some work around. I do not want to have the vendor change the sndnetf to go to her user profile. Do you have a solution?

There are a number of solutions, but two come to mind. First, if you have a job that periodically checks for network files to be received and it runs under the QSYSOPR profile, it can receive the file and place it in a library to be retrieved by the user. The CL would then only be required to either copy the file, move the object, or open the file (Programmatically) for further processing. The second is to use the CL to receive the network file allowing the program (Adopted authority) or the user profile of those authorized to receive to have authority to the QSYSOPR profile or group. I would assume that first solution would be the best.

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