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A table that shows possible CPF error messages

Is there a table that can be downloaded that shows each of the possible CPF error messages that can be generated for any CL command? In a number of cases we would like to handle each of the error messages differently so do not want to just monitor for CPF0000. It would be very nice to be able to simply provide a quick chart to each of the programmers that they can reference to determine what CPF messages may be received for a specific CL command.

If you are on V4R2 or later, this information is online on your AS/400. There are a couple ways to get to this information. If you are editing your CL program within SEU, prompt your command and then hit F1 on the command title to get the command level help. Or, from a command line, type the name of the command and hit F1.

If you are on a release before V4R2 this information can be found at the iSeries Information Center.

Once you are in the information center, go to the programming section, then the CL and APIs section, then the CL section and then the Monitorable messages section. From there you will find an alphabetical listing of commands and a list of messages that can be monitored for each command.

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