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A solution to write data to QDLS in Excel format

Use the CPYTOIMPF command to convert data to Excel format in QDLS file system.

I want to know if there is a known solution to write data to /QDLS in Excel format.
  1. I have to extract data into a temporary table
  2. I have to convert into ASCII the data into IFS /QDLS in Excel format.
  3. I can't use FTP, so i will have to send by mail that files (.xls)

Have you an idea to create a file in excel format into IFS /QDLS ?

You can use the CPYTOIMPF command to do the conversion and creation of the file.

You should also look at DB2 Web Query offering, it has the ability to automatically store the output of a report into an Excel format. In additon, the new Report Broker option also enables you to automatically have the report output emailed to your end users.

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