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A share folder is created when using CPYTOPCD

We just upgraded to V5R1 from V4R5 and noticed the following: Using CPYTOPCD, a file is created on a share folder (i.e. qdls).

1. If you access the file via OpsNav the correct date and time of creation are displayed.

2. If you access via Microsoft explorer map drive P: to Qnetserverfolder then the file shows the right date BUT the time is four hours behind.

3. If you access the file via FIND computer qnetserver then open the folder the file shows the same behavior as number 2.

For option 1 : 9/9/02 1:20pm
For option 2,3: 9/9/02 9:20am

What am I missing?

Both find and drive map are getting all the information from an iSeries service called NetServer. NetServer takes into consideration differences in hours and minutes between UTC (also known as Greenwich Mean Time) and the current system time. OS/400 uses the QUTCOFFSET system value to adjust these time values. If the QUTCOFFSET value is not correct, clients may report that all timestamps received from OS/400 are off - usually by a fixed number of hours. For more information click here.


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