• Stored procedures allow you to balance network loads – Part II

    In part two of this series on SQL stored procedures, Ron Turull explores how it can help optimize client/server applications, among other things, without bogging down the server. Isn't that the reason you went to client/server in the first place?  Continue Reading

  • SQL defined database: Enjoy the view

    Paul Tuohy provides a simple example to show you how SQL defined views may be of benefit in an existing environment. The easiest way to start using views is with iSeries Navigator, which is what I will be using in the following examples. I will also...  Continue Reading

  • System i security configuration: Restoring

    Once you've got your system backed up, including all of the security information, what's the best way to make sure that all of that security information is restored correctly when you have to do a full system restore? Missing something or getting ...  Continue Reading

  • Quick iSeries/System i backup check

    A quick way to check if you are backing up all of your User Libraries is to use the little known command EDTBCKUPL. This command shows you the change library backup list menu. You need to look at the columns library last backup and changed. If ...  Continue Reading

  • Redirect ODBC to a separate subsystem

    We had ODBC connections that we wanted to isolate to its own subsystem to increase performance. You may have the same need. We are going to create a new subsystem, isolate the ODBC connections from the other ODBC traffic and create a filter on ...  Continue Reading