• Who is using the Document Library Objects?

    Sometimes when you are trying to access an IFS object you might get the message indicating the object is in use. There is no such command in iSeries to check the lock on the object. Using command WRKDLOLCK you can check if there is a lock on the ...  Continue Reading

  • CGIDEV2: Building native iSeries Web pages

    IBM's CGIDEV2 Web toolkit offers a high quality, low cost alternative that requires a set of skills that closely match those commonly found in most iSeries development shops.  Continue Reading

  • Squirrel: The universal SQL client

    Jim Mason, president of ebt-now, shares his thoughts on the open-source product Squirrel. According to Jim, Squirrel is a great tool for accessing any type of data anywhere using SQL. In this tip, he explains what Squirrel is, the challenges of ...  Continue Reading

  • Coming to terms with call back

    Paul Touhy explains the concept of call back and gives you a practical example of using a call back along with a couple of procedures that might be of use when displaying lists of information on a Web page using CGIDEV2. Paul explains that call ...  Continue Reading