iSeries application development

  • Checking in on your IBM i authorization lists

    Have you ever created an object on the AS/400 without making sure the necessary authorization list is attached? By using some common commands, you can secure your IBM i, and audit objects and fix mistakes. The necessary commands include DSPAUTLOBJ ...  Continue Reading

  • Groovy programming on IBM i

    Groovy programs, based on the Java language and bytecodes, can run on IBM i. The built-in AIX support, PASE, allows AS/400 shops to take advantage of the new Web programming language that boasts brevity among its advantages. With a short learning ...  Continue Reading

  • EGL Rich UI on IBM i: Do you Dojo?

    Taking advantage of the Rich UI features of EGL architecture on the AS/400 can save you time and complexity. Rich internet applications can be difficult to write, even with Java and Webspher. EGL eliminates the need for programmers to learn ...  Continue Reading

  • Running PHP open source applications: NOBODY needs authority

    User NOBODY needs to be granted authority in the IFS folder containing an open source PHP application on the AS/400 in order to run the script. Learn how to change this authority on the IBM i, and successfully run an open source PHP application on ...  Continue Reading