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e-Deployment: The Fastest Path to the Web

This book is a how-to manual of e-deployment, a strategy for putting existing AS/400 legacy apps on the Web.

e-Deployment : The Fastest Path to the Web
Author: Joe Pluta

This book is both a how-to manual and a comprehensive analysis of e-deployment, the innovative new strategy for putting your existing AS/400 legacy applications on the Web. The book is a fresh new style of writing, in keeping with the interactive nature of the Web itself: You can take a fast path through selected chapters and sections to quickly get an application on the Web, or you can take a leisurely, thorough look at the design of the software that enables this breakthrough technology, to more fully understand the process and give you a head start on developing your own e-deployment technologies.

The CD-ROM that accompanies the book contains more than 10,000 lines of source code for all of the workstation, host, and middleware software required to use the e-deployment technology. All of the Java packages, including source and Java.doc (in browser-friendly HTML format) are included, along with thick- and thin-client example programs. The CD-ROM also includes an AS/400 support library, with full source, as well as the example programs used in the book.

As an additional value, there is a Web site specifically for the buyers of this book. This dynamic Web site has tips and techniques, updates and enhancements to the software, and a forum for ongoing discussion of the redeployment process.

This was last published in June 2002

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