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Working with the "File was not journaled driven SQL7008" message

Here you'll find a workaround for the error message "File was not journaled driven SQL7008."

If you create COLLECTION (Library) on the iSeries 400, the system will auto create the Journal QSQJRN and Journal...

Receiver QSQJRN0001 and other system table. When you use SQL CREATE TABLE, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statement, the system will auto journal any operation for all table in the COLLECTION.

But if you use the CRTLIB command to create library, the system will not journal all files in the library created with CRTLIB command.

When you use ODBC, JDBC, Net.Data to do CREATE, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operation, you will get the SQL7008 message, but SELECT can run normally.

So you must:

1. CREATE Journal Receiver in the library CRTJRNRCV JRNRCV(your-library/QSQJRNRCV)

2. CREATE Journal in the library CRTJRN JRN (you-library/QSQJRN) JRNRCV (your-library/QSQJRNRCV)

3. Start Journal Physical File STRJRNPF FILE (your-library/your-file) JRN (your-library/QSQJRN) IMAGES(*BOTH) OMTJRNE(*OPNCLO)

4. Rerun your AP, JSP or servlet, you will not get SQL7008 message again.


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This was last published in March 2002

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