Show level checks between libraries

Show level checks between files in different libraries.

This is a quick way to show level checks between files in different libraries, i.e. test data and live data. It can be all files or a subsets of files.

Run command

DSPFD FILE(LIVEDATA/*ALL) TYPE(*RCDFMT) OUTPUT(*OUTFILE) OUTFILE(YOURLIB/LIVE) where LIVEDATA is your live data library and LIVE is the name of the output file you want to create. Run the command again for your test data library to file TEST. Either use SQL or Query joining the files on live.RFFILE = test.RFFILE where live.RFID (Level ID) is NOT equal to test.RFID. e.g. for SQL select * from QTEMP/Live live join QTEMP/Test test on live.rffile = test.rffile where live.rfid < > test.rfid.


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This was first published in January 2003

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