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Holiday wish list for iSeries 400 shops tackling e-commerce projects

iSeries 400 shops still need several things to help them build and manage successful e-commerce projects on their...

beloved machines. Users, consultants and analysts familiar with IBM's e-commerce efforts for the iSeries 400 say there are a lot of positive things about the iSeries 400 that make it ideal for use in e-commerce and e-business. But you'll still find the following issues on their holiday wish lists for iSeries 400 e-commerce:

  • More tools to help users configure the iSeries 400 for e-commerce.

  • Better documentation with products such as WebSphere, especially if IBM wants more iSeries 400 shops to base their e-commerce projects on this product instead of eRPG, Net.Data or a competing product on another platform.

  • Less expensive platform options so companies can test small-scale e-commerce projects on a small, inexpensive machine. PC servers win this contest hands down right now.

  • Proof that IBM can deliver on persuading 5 million developers to move to WebSphere.

  • And related to that, more packaged e-commerce applications from iSeries 400 Business Partners to make the entry into e-commerce that much smoother for users.

  • More User-Centered Design efforts at IBM centered around e-commerce. The Internet Setup Wizard, for example, is one popular tool to come out of those sessions.

About the author: Ouellette is a contributing editor in Scarborough, Maine.

This was last published in December 2000

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