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Get the lowdown on Eclipse and WebSphere, including pros and cons

Learn more about Eclipse and WebSphere for Web expert Joe Pluta.

Learn what Eclipse is, what it does, and how it relates to WebSphere. Recently Joe Pluta, chief architect of Pluta...

Brothers Design, Inc., joined Search400.com for a webcast. Joe discussed what Eclipse and WebSphere are designed for and what they both have to offer -- including their pros and cons. Check out this webcast to get a taste of plug-ins, and you'll even get to see some shots of the tools in action.

Click here to listen to the webcast. Or click Click here to download Joe's slides.

Can you outline the version of iSeries and WDSC versions requirements?

Joe Pluta: The best place to go for system requirements information is straight to the horse's mouth, so to speak. Check out IBM's requirements page .

One caution, though. Those of us who use the tool insist on the following workstation configuration: 1.5GHz+ CPU, 1GB+ RAM, 1024x768+, 7200RPM+ hard drive. These are not "recommendations"; they are minimum requirements for a useful working environment. You CAN run on less -- I run on a laptop with 768MB and a 5400RPM drive, but it's painfully slow at times.

For Web development using WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries (WDS), where do you start? I've used it for iSeries programming but I have not seen where or how to do Web applications with it.

Joe Pluta: Great question! There are some tutorials in the tool itself -- and in fact, the tutorials are pretty good. However, if you want to really get up to speed quickly, I humbly suggest my two books: Eclipse: Step by Step and WDSC: Step by Step (due out next month). The first book introduces all the basics of the Eclipse IDE, which WDSC is built on, and the second book runs you through all the steps of creating a Web site complete with a JSP talking to an RPG program in the background.

Is there is any link between an Eclipse application and a MOVEX application?

Joe Pluta: None that I know of. Intentia's MOVEX product is written in Java, but I don't think they used Eclipse to develop it.

What is the most current version of WDSc?

Joe Pluta: The latest version is V5.1.2. You cannot upgrade prior versions (such as V5.1.0.3) to V5.1.2, you must actually get the V5.1.2 CDs (or download the CD images, but be prepared for a VERY long download) and perform an install from those disks. The install process actually uninstalls any previous version and then installs the new one.


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This was last published in August 2004

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