Easy way to e-mail spool files

This method show you how you can use Operation Navigator to access spool files and e-mail them.

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I have found an easy way to e-mail spool files. I use Operations Navigator to access the spool files under Basic Operations/Printers. Clicking on the outq that contains the spool file gives me a display of all spool files in the outq. I right-click on the spool file I need and drag it to my desktop and drop it. The conversion to ASCII is done automatically and I can then create the e-mail and attach the document from my desktop. If I no longer need the ASCII file, I just delete it and if I need to keep it I move it to a folder on a local or network drive so that my desktop does not get cluttered. Quick and simple.

Note: I am using using V4R5 on his AS/400s and the V4R5M0 version of Client Access Express. I did have success at V4R4 as well, but the V4R3 did not work, so I suspect V4R4 is as far back as it will work.


  • I read the tip by Leland Rodgers about e-mailing spool files. That's fine if you only do it occasionally. I need to distribute spool files to a number of people everyday. Midrange Computing magazine June 2000 contains an article by Mike Faust that details what's needed to e-mail spool files via Microsoft Exchange. I modified his suggestions a bit using a CL program and I now e-mail spool files every day as part of the job stream. The extra neat twist to this is I send those flies from one AS/400 to another which runs Domino/Lotus Notes. It's the Domino server that actually mails the files. This little trick has been working flawlessly for almost a year now. —Kurt Albrecht

This was last published in May 2001

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