Character conversion with FTP

When transferring textual data to a PC with FTP you can control CCSID conversion with command QUOTE TYPE C .

When transferring textual data (e.g. result of CPYTOIMPF command) from an iSeries to a PC with FTP you can control...

CCSID conversion with command QUOTE TYPE C , where CCSID is your PC code page. It tells FTP server which code page to convert data to. QUOTE sends the rest of the command line to FTP server. TYPE command is FTP server command with two parameters C and . Other FTP server commands can be seen by using REMOTEHELP command (or QUOTE HELP, which works in any FTP client). This is especially useful for non-English users, using English Windows, who need to get data converted into their national code page.

This was last published in March 2001



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