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  • legacy storage

    Legacy storage is traditional storage hardware that is older and sometimes no longer sold by its vendor.

  • hypervisor-aware storage

    Hypervisor-aware storage, also called virtualization-aware or VM-aware storage, is a category of storage array that provides administrators with the ability to correlate an application on a virtual...

  • Flash storage technology decisions

    Just about as quickly as we learn the merits of a new solid-state form factor, a new one appears. While the use and location of spinning disk storage is limited, solid-state offers a number of deployment and form-factor...

  • file storage

    File storage, also called file-level storage, or file-based storage is a type of storage that stores data in a hierarchical structure.

  • block storage

    Block storage is a type of data storage typically used in storage-area network (SAN) environments where data is stored in volumes, also referred to as blocks.

  • Achieve data storage capacity efficiency with virtual storage, SRM

    Storage efficiency means optimizing infrastructure to gain the most value from a fixed quantity of resources over a given period...

  • Use software-defined storage to separate storage application, hardware

    According to Jon Toigo, SDS technology spreads storage functions across hardware in a way similar to that of server virtualization.

  • The future of data storage: Storage vendors' predictions

    It seems as if every vendor has a mystic on staff who can predict the future of the storage industry. Here's what they think we can look forward to.

  • Cloud storage options in Scandinavia

    It has never been faster or cheaper to store data in the cloud and Scandinavian businesses have taken up cloud storage with gusto

  • Computer Weekly storage case studies

    Antony Adshead takes a look at what made the winning entries stand out from the crowd in the Computer Weekly European User Awards.

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