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query: A database query can be either a select query or an action query. A select query is simply a data ...

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Manage Jul 14, 2005

Freebie: Query Analyzer's Query Plans

Learn about one hidden gem in the Query Analyzer -- graphical query plans. Continue Reading


News Jun 22, 2003


Problem solve Apr 13, 2006

Complex query with DECODE

I have the following query but it's not working. Can we use nested queries with decode? Continue Reading


Problem solve Feb 21, 2005

Securing query definitions

A better way of granting users access to query definitions. Continue Reading


Problem solve Dec 12, 2002

Find duplicate queries

This query prints out duplicate queries submitted by the same user, identified by v$session.client_info. Continue Reading


Evaluate Apr 13, 2005

Simplify export query results

This tip will help simplify export query results. Continue Reading


Problem solve Jun 19, 2008

Querying complex derived tables

An Oracle user asks SQL expert Rudy Limeback how to run a query when the inner query results come from five different tables. Continue Reading


Problem solve Nov 30, 2005

Different queries, different counts

I don't know why I am getting different counts for these two queries. I think both queries should return the same record count. Continue Reading


Problem solve Nov 22, 2006

Optimize SQL query

How can I rewrite the following SQL query in an efficient manner? Continue Reading


Problem solve Sep 12, 2002

Querying external tables

Without loading data into your database, you can query external tables directly from flat files. Continue Reading