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  • JAQL (json query language)

    JAQL is a query language for the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data interchange format. Pronounced "jackal," JAQL is a functional, declarative programming language designed especially for working with large volumes of...

  • Google BigQuery

    Google BigQuery is a cloud-based big data analytics web service for processing very large read-only data sets. BigQuery was designed for analyzing data on the order of billions of rows, using a SQL-like syntax.

  • How to perform Oracle Flashback Transaction Queries

    Read how Oracle Flashback Transaction Query can eliminate the need to use Log Miner to reconstruct database transactions.

  • Access Network Query Protocol (ANQP)

    The Access Network Query Protocol (ANQP) is a query and response protocol that defines services offered by an access point (AP), typically at a Wi-Fi hot spot. The ANQP communicates metadata that is useful in a...

  • Hadoop 2 query: Less talk, more action with new Hadoop version?

    Hadoop doesn't lack for attention from prospective users and industry analysts, not to mention those of us in the technology media. But all that attention has yet to translate into a high adoption rate. For example, in a survey conducted last...

  • Dynamic query failing with a single date condition

    A reader asks Oracle expert Dan Clamage about a single date condition mucking up a dynamic query.

  • Running AS/400 query to find records based on date

    Learn about a quick way of running an AS/400 query to select records based on current sysdate.

  • Tap SAP Information Steward to see how BEx query changes affect reports

    As a business intelligence consultant, I've found that even sophisticated customers using...

  • Oracle querying for developers

    What pain points do you experience in Oracle querying? Read this excerpt from Michael McLaughlin’s Oracle Database 11g & MySQL 5.6 Developer Handbook to learn the answers to your questions.

  • Entry-level big data analysis with Google BigQuery

    For enterprises intimidated by Hadoop, Google BigQuery offers an entry-level approach to big data analysis, but it may trade accuracy for speed.

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