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  • Removing "old" members in files

    I have written a CL that removes old members in the various files in QMPGDATA library. There are several files in QMPGDATA where the members can't be deleted because they have dependent logical files. Is there a way that I...

  • How to log use of STRSQL

    Some special IT users have the possibility of using STRSQL. Is there any chance to log what they use it for?

    Here is an idea that you might try. Write a version of the STRSQL command that will sit in a library...

  • Complete cleanup for your iSeries system

    Are you interested in reducing your ASP utilization percentage, but don't know where to start? Here's a list of commands/functions you can perform on your iSeries system to cleanup all the garbage.

    It's good practice to collect disk...

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