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  • Complete guide to backup deduplication

    Deduplication has moved from cutting-edge technology to mainstream staple. The data...

  • Ultimate Excel finance guide

    In this Excel finance guide, read why experts warn against heavy spreadsheet use and get tips from finance leaders who have moved away from Excel.

  • A guide to modern records management challenges

    As enterprise content grows, so do records management challenges. Explore this guide for records management advice and AIIM 2014 conference coverage.

  • VMware Compatibility Guide

    The VMware Compatibility Guide is an online reference site hosted by VMware that shows what various hardware, converged systems, operating systems, third-party applications and VMware products are compatible with a specific version...

  • A guide to software-defined storage

    This guide gives you the lowdown on software-defined storage: What is it, what it isn’t, what it can do for you, and how suppliers’ implementations differ

  • Human Capital Management and HR technology guide

    Find out everything you need to know about Human Capital Management (HCM) technology

  • CW Buyer's Guide To Finance and Insurance

    In this 11-page buyer’s guide, Computer Weekly looks at mitigating the risks of data breaches with liability insurance; the variety of ways to finance your organisation’s technology platforms in a world of rapid change; and funding...

  • Expert Guide to Secure Web Gateways

    Many organizations are moving malware protection to the Web and investing in Secure Web Gateways. These products combine URL filtering with antimalware protection, Web application controls and centralized management. This e-guide...

  • Guide to application delivery options

    Application delivery often goes hand in hand with desktop virtualization, but delivery options are changing as the traditional desktop goes by the wayside.

    What about streaming technologies? Or...

  • A guide to HR analytics

    Human resources is stepping into the spotlight with HR analytics. In years past, one of HR's primary goals was to collect and keep track of employees' personal and professional information, such as payroll, health benefits and performance...

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