Ohio Data Transfer's DTT1000 Voice Response Unit 6.0

Ohio Data Transfer's DTT1000 Voice Response Unit 6.0

Gold Award:

Ohio Data Transfer's DTT1000 Voice Response Unit 6.0

When you think about connecting to an iSeries to access data, you usually think about using PCs, thin clients or dumb terminals. With Ohio Data Transfer's DTT1000 Voice Response Unit 6.0 you can connect via a telephone.

DTT1000 allows two-way telephone access to your iSeries or micro database, making every touch-tone phone in the world a remote terminal. With it, customers and sales staff can place orders, check an order's status, and verify information from remote sites even after hours. In addition, employees can verify benefits, enter payroll information, or check a message board. And if your system experiences any problems, operators or support personnel can be notified via phone or beeper.

Other applications for the DTT1000 include the following:


  • Stock availability
  • Shipping information
  • Fax back systems
  • Query reports on demand
  • Warehouse and logistics support
  • Automated notification to personnel in the field

Connectivity to the iSeries is in real time, which is not an option for most telephony systems.

All the judges praised the DTT1000 for its innovation and ease of use.

"From a functionality perspective, one could say that it only does telephony, but when you apply the idea and realize the impact on how you can use your iSeries with this product, it becomes a very functional product," one judge said.

The judges also gave the product high scores for its value. Pricing starts at $18,000 for a two-line unit and goes to $53,000 for a 32-line unit. However, when compared with a human operator you can really see its value. The DT1000 can cost less than one minimum wage employee while doing the work of 12 shift employees.

One thing that concerned the judges is that you would have to learn another scripting language to create your own voice applications, and that could affect its ease of integration. The product developers, however, say it's a simple language that's easy to learn.

All in all, the judges called the DT1000 a robust and innovative tool that could bring real value to a company.