iSeries systems management

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  • How to resolve a CPI93B8 error message: LIC problem data has been logged for #MSTRTNS

    Use WRKPRB command to determine meaning of CPI93B8 error message

  • Error: CWBC01049

    If you get the error CWBC01049, it can often mean that the Client Access servers haven't been started.

  • Space offset X'0015FF00' or X'0000000000000000' is outside current limit for object QIGC2424C

    When AS/400 running STOP gives the error message 'Space offset X'0015FF00' or X'0000000000000000' is outside current limit for object QIGC2424C', the value being given to the space pointer is greater than the size of the object, and system stops the program. Contact IBM for a PTF to fix it.

  • Determining why a job ran unscheduled

    ISeries backup and recovery expert Ken Graap explains how to use the IJS Log to determine why a job ran unscheduled.

  • What's happening to my subfile? development expert John Blenkinsop helps an iSeries user out with a subfile problem.

  • What happening to my subfile?

    I am writing a program using subfiles. My subfile is doing something strange. When I call the program it displays on the last page of records in the subfile. I need it to display from the first record it finds down. I assume this can be corrected easily, but I can't find the answer.

  • Debugging a Web page

    Programming expert Andrew Borts goes into detail about the debugging of the Web page and the internal elements of the Web page -- the JavaScript.

  • Error message not displaying correctly when user has not established a 5250 connection

    We've created our own program to do additional password validation, but we're running into problems displaying the error message. We used the sample program from the iSeries Security Reference Manual as a template. Messages are sent using the SNDPGMMSG command. The message displays correctly when the user has already established a 5250 session. However, if the user is going through iSeries Access and is prompted (by a pop up window that displays: Password will expire in XX days or password expired) for the user ID/password, the message is not displayed. I suspect it is because the 5250 session is not established. Any thoughts?

  • Why am I receiving the error SQL7008?

    This user is receiving the error SQL7008 message. Site expert Kent Milligan offers some advice.

  • Error occurs during debugging

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  • How to: Code the parameters for API QUSRSPLA

    A user is trying to get the last print file generated from a job that was created on the AS/400 after the program producing the print file ran. He is attempting to use CL to code the parameters for QUSRSPLA, but is having difficulties.

  • Modern System i reports using Client Access

    Creating reports on the IBM System i no longer has to be a headache. You can use the CPYTOIMPF command and then open the file into a spreadsheet or use Client Access. Computer-savvy users can then manipulate the reports to their liking, taking the formerly tedious work on an AS/400 green-screen out of your hands. In addition, some vendors offer automated methods to generate reports and email them to end-users.

  • Tips for installing Lotus Domino server on a System i partition

    What AS/400 admins thinking about installing Lotus Domino server on their system should consider prior to installation and during intial phases of set-up and administration. These include disk space, mailbox size limits and base memory as prerequisite considerations, and naming conventions and upgrading for Lotus Domino servers within the System i.

  • Documenting nested program structures on the AS/400

    Documenting nested program structures on AS/400 is a complex task and is sometimes overlooked or not updated. The XPGMSTR command automates documentation in a structured and reliable way, eliminating the human-error (or lazyness) involved in the usual nested program structure documentation mishaps.

  • System i no longer the stepchild of IBM's world

    Learn about PHP, VoIP and server consolidation with iSeries in this tip from System i programming expert Andrew Borts as he explains how iSeries is the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Storing XML data in a CLOB field

  • IBM System i gets VoIP via Nortel

    IBM and Nortel are collaborating on IP telephony software and hardware that competes with the System i package 3Com announced last year.

  • System i shop retires legacy app, starts fresh

    Farm Mutual Reinsurance Plan enlists the help of Magic Software to build new software to replace its outdated insurance administration application.

  • Fast Guide to System i/iSeries book excerpts

    Find IBM System i (AS400, iSeries) related book excerpts and chapter downloads in this guide. Topics range from iSeries books on Java programming, iSeries web development, RPG legacy applications and more.

  • Status messages with the CEEMOUT API -- part 2

    In a recent tip, System i administrative expert Ron Turull discussed the fundamental use of the Dispatch Message (CEEMOUT) API. He also discussed its parameters and basic operations. In this tip, Ron covers the details of the API and takes a look at it in action.

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  • Watch those iSeries system values

    Security expert Rich Loeber recently installed a new i5 System i server in his office. Rich explains that this is always an exciting time and he normally rushes to get the system set up so he can move operations onto the new hardware as soon as possible. But as usual, there are always steps that need to be taken to make the transition smooth.

  • Server consolidation, virtualization give U.S. Open the advantage

    IBM runs the Web site with a combination of System p and System i servers.

  • Server management costs soar, says IDC

    According to IDC's latest report, server revenues are down while shipments are up. But IT shops are picking up the cost of managing more machines.

  • Cleaning up IFS files member Stacey Thompson writes, "Although there are many ways to clean up IFS files it seems that the easiest was is to use QShell. " Click over to view the complete tip.

  • Cool Blue: How IBM beats the heat

    After three years of development, IBM released a water-based technology to help servers win the war on heat. The verdict is still out on whether this will solve the issue.

  • Look before you leap into consolidation

    Saving space, saving money, and maximizing utilization--what's not to love about server consolidation and virtualization? But experts agree it's not the right move for everybody.

  • Look before you leap into consolidation

    Saving space, saving money, and maximizing utilization – what's not to love about server consolidation and virtualization? But experts agree it's not the right move for everybody.

  • iSeries fights server sprawl

    Server consolidation is a hot issue. People are consolidating server farms to address maintenance concerns. But what about heating issues and power loads?

  • Life after migration

    Two years after San Francisco's Asian Art Museum migrated to new iSeries servers, life is good for the museum's IT staff these days -- both for the present and the near future.

  • i5 iSeries capacity planning

    An ITKnowledge Exchange member asked about replacing his existing iSeries with i5 servers, and fellow techies jumped in on the conversation.

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  • Q&A: IBM System i Business Systems' Marc Dupaquier

    @46007 In July 2007, IBM Corp. split its System i division into two parts: the higher-end Power Systems unit, and the lower-end Business Systems unit. It soon became clear that the Business Systems unit would be crucial in the survival of the System i platform, with the unit generating 95% of System i volume and 70% of its revenue.

    Marc Dupaquier, a relatively unknown figure in the System i world, is head of the Business Systems unit. spoke with Dupaquier recently about how he got his start at IBM, the difference between big and small System i customers, and when the i5/OS is coming out.

  • i5 pricing option mirrors IBM on-demand strategy

    Users looking to run multiple operating systems on their i5 server now have greater flexibility in purchasing. But will it end up costing them more in the long run?

  • IBM changes the rules, levels playing field for iSeries

    By drastically changing how the iSeries is priced and marketed, IBM has eliminated a number of obstacles to future platform growth.

  • IBM forges new ground with next gen iSeries, V5R3

    The wait is over. The first Power5 iSeries servers make their debut along with a new version of OS/400 – and they both get new names.

  • Update on "Can you still afford 5250?"

    Questions still remain about what IBM will do to improve the value of an iSeries running 5250 applications.

  • Can you still afford 5250?

    Looking at the iSeries today, it's not clear how much longer companies can afford to run 5250 applications if they invest in new iSeries computers announced in 2003.

  • Pricing on the AS/400

  • The long-term costs of the AS/400 versus Unix?

  • Computing hardware winners

    For the purposes of this year’s awards, the computing hardware category includes all server-class computer hardware in any configuration and delivered in any form factor including rack and blade. This category also includes related computing hardware such as networking and storage systems as well as integrated infrastructure suites.

  • Enrolling a user profile in the i5/OS system distribution directory

    Use the WRKDIRE command to access the system distribution directory and enroll a user profile.

  • OS/400

    OS/400 is IBM's operating system for its AS/400 and AS/400e line of business computers. (Continued...)

  • AS/400 (IBM iSeries, AS/400e, eServer iSeries/400)

    The AS/400 - formally renamed the 'eServer iSeries/400,' but still commonly known as AS/400 - is a middle-size server designed for small businesses and departments in large enterprises and now redesigned so that it will work well in distributed networks.

  • System i users: Power Systems merger good, OS name change mixed

    System i users are happy with the System p/System i merger, saying Power Systems could bring more visibility to System i. Not everyone's thrilled about the name change, though.

  • System i5/OS operating system due out in March

    Big Blue has announced the new i5/OS V6R1 and its various features, including the ability to run on blade servers.

  • The top 10 iSeries events of 2004

    Since the announcement of i5 and i5/OS spanned a six-month time frame, the new i5 models and enhancements to the iSeries operating system generated excitement all through 2004. In addition to these important events out of Rochester, the year was also filled with acquisitions, revenue dips, and a rejuvenation of iSeries marketing.

  • What's in a name change? Plenty

    Was changing the name of the AS/400 again a dumb idea? Users certainly think so, but experts say with a company the size of IBM, a product name change is almost irrelevant.

  • System i users: Power Systems merger good, OS name change mixed

    System i users are happy with the System p/System i merger, saying Power Systems could bring more visibility to System i. Not everyone's thrilled about the name change, though.

  • Supporting an iSeries empire

    You're on a date with your significant other and your operator calls "The SO AND SO is down!" It is a 45-minute drive home to drop off your grumbling date. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a way to help your operator out for the five minutes of keystrokes you need to enter into your iSeries?

  • Personalize your iSeries

    With iSeries systems now being more cost effective, a lot of users have more of them under one roof. It's becoming more important to personalize how they look and run to match your needs.

  • Modifying the sign-on screen member Madhavi explains how to modify the sign-on screen.

  • iSeries customers rather fight than switch

    Members of Quest and the J.D. Edwards/PeopleSoft user group said they would rather dump Oracle than get rid of their iSeries. Only 20.1% of members said they would consider moving to Fusion if it did not support the platform.

  • Cleaning up the QSYS library

    One member writes, "How can I clean up the QSYS library? Currently my system's ASP is nearing its threshold value (75%) and upon checking, I found out that the QSYS library has consumed 50% of the storage used. How can I free it up? Before my system ASP was only running at an average of 40%." Systems management expert Rich Belles warnes against removing anything from the QSYS library.

  • authorized program analysis report (APAR)

    An APAR (authorized program analysis report) is a term used in IBM for a description of a problem with an IBM program that is formally tracked until a solution is provided.

  • UCCnet

    UCCnet is a standards organization that provides an Internet-based supply chain management (SCM) data registry service for e-commerce companies and companies that have an e-commerce component.

  • Email to pager over iSeries

    This user would like to send an e-mail to the person's pager via their iSeries that is on call if a job produces an error that requires a response.

  • The straight story on PTF installs

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