• Analyze the health of your IBM i server with iScore

    While more comprehensive services exist, iScore from Vision Solutions offers a free and general introductory analysis of your system's health.

  • Working with jobs and networking on Linux for IBM i

    Learn the Linux equivalent to WRKACTJOB and how NETSTAT works on in Linux. This tip continues to translate Linux commands for AS/400 adminstrators who are not familiar with the complexities of the ...

  • Database performance comparisons on IBM i

    Testing performance of RLA in the IBM Java Toolbox against JDBC and native I/O for the AS/400 revealed that RPG on System i is the most efficient language, and DB2 is taken for granted. Joe Pluta b...

  • Performance tuning for IBM i

    Raymond Johnson answers five reader-submitted questions about performance tuning on the AS/400. Some quick tips and tricks for performance tuning are provided.

iSeries system performance and monitoring

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  • AS/400 system values quiz

    Think you know your AS/400 system values? Put your knowledge to the test! 

  • IBM System i APIs at Work, Second Edition -- Chapter 10

    Application programming interfaces (APIs) can add value to your business if they're properly implemented. Check out the free chapter "IBM System i APIs at work" download courtesy of MC Press and Search400.com for valuable information on API messaging... 

  • i5 error messages: What you need to know

    We've compiled a list of resources for iSeries error messages that you can browse through quickly to find a possible solution to your error. If you've come across an error message that is not listed, we have iSeries experts on hand to help you tackle... 

  • Know-IT-All Chapter Quiz: Project initiation

    Test your knowledge after you've read chapter 3 "Project initiation." 

  • Fast guide to improving iSeries performance

    When your iSeries' performance drops off, productivity for everyone who works on the server also takes a hit. Follow these tips and resources to improve performance problems and learn how to monitor your systems so you can prevent issues in the futur... 

  • Favorite iSeries cheat sheets

    Here you'll find a collection of valuable cheat sheets gathered from across the iSeries/Search400.com community. These cheat sheet are bits and pieces of information that come from all kinds of sources, IBM manuals, discussion lists an experience fro... 

  • iSeries Resource Guide for Newbies

    For both iSeries newbies and seasoned professionals, the challenge of learning the ins and outs of the iSeries can be extremely overwhelming. With that in mind, we've developed a guide to provide you with some basic iSeries information and helpful re... 

  • i5/OS

    i5/OS is the name IBM has given to its newest release of OS/400 V5R3. i5/OS runs on IBM's i5 servers, which are based on IBM's Power5 microprocessors. 

  • CIW (Computer Intensive Workload)

    In IBM's AS/400 and iSeries line of computers, CIW (Computer Intensive Workload) is a measure that can be used to compare the workload-handling capability of different computer models when running application programs in which most of the computer pr... 

  • midrange

    In general, midrange refers to computers that are more powerful and capable than personal computers but less powerful and capable than mainframe computers.