iSeries programming commands

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  • Taking advantage of CL advancements, starting with V5R3

    Using the new CL programming tools released in V5R3 on the IBM System i has advantages: New looping methods, subroutines, and multiple file declarations. See examples of old versus new programs that ease and shorten programming commands. 

  • TAATOOL: Useful tools for programmers on IBM i

    Over 2,000 APIs are available for the AS/400 in the TAATOOL set. The list grows as more programmers submit their tools, making the IBM i more efficient on a daily basis. If you are struggling to find a way to do something on your iSeries, TAATOOLs mi... 

  • Date calculation commands for AS/400

    If you need to periodically calculate dates on your AS/400 relative to a given date to determine reporting limits such as month end, month begin, this tip contains a helpful service program. 

  • Indicators: Two ways to name them

    Naming your numeric indicators used in screen displays or printer files is an effective way to make your programs more readable and understandable, but did you know there are two ways it can be done? The first method is associating a data structure ... 

  • Coloring condition fields in a subfile

    Try this method of coloring condition fields in a subfile. 

  • How to load compile time arrays in D-specs

    Compiled time arrays, both numeric and character, can be loaded in the D-specs. Using data structures and the overlay keyword allows the array to be both specified and loaded 

  • Using System Request to execute a command

    If your workstation is running some batch job and you don't have any other display session to execute command, you can use the "send a message option" from the system request menu to execute the command. 

  • Who is using the Document Library Objects?

    Sometimes when you are trying to access an IFS object you might get the message indicating the object is in use. There is no such command in iSeries to check the lock on the object. Using command WRKDLOLCK you can check if there is a lock on the docu... 

  • How to define a sequence number column to a table

    Learn how to define a sequence number column to a table that gets populated by the system every time a record is added to that table. 

  • Get a quick glimpse of program structure in SEU

    Everyone has used the F16 find function, but perhaps not to its fullest extent. 

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iSeries programming commands are key to maximizing your iSeries capabilities. Find tips and advice about iSeries programming commands, subfiles and iSeries functionalities in this topic.