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  • System i tips and news from 2007

    This review of System i news and tips from 2007 covers a wide range of iSeries topics. Learn about System i security and application development; find out how to adapt to Web-based applications; and learn about what IBM and iSeries software developer... 

  • Quiz: IBM goes to the movies

    Why is IBM's AS/400 line like the movie industry? Well, for one thing they both make approximately a gazillion dollars. Besides that, every year, there's one movie that blows the competition out of the water -- and it seems like just about that ofte... 

  • IBM user group sees benefits in Power7 machines, but what about former System i users?

    IBM user group Common recently embraced the new IBM Power7 line of machines, but what does the announcement mean for Common members, especially former System i users? 

  • System i admins await upcoming IBM i OS features

    XML support for DB2, better solid-state disk management and better spool file support are some of the features in the new System i operating system that pros are anxious to test. 

  • IBM's System i and System p merger: Users weigh in

    IBM merged the System i and p platforms more than a year ago, which brought concerns about System i's future viability. System i users weigh in with mixed opinions on the results. 

  • Zend Web software teams up with IBM System i

    IBM will pre-load Zend's PHP software stack on IBM System i operating system shipments, as IBM looks encourage open source on the platform. 

  • IBM i news updates for the week of 10/13/2008

    IBM is reportedly developing DB2/400 to power MySQL, and will now pre-install IBM i 6.1 and pre-configure the Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) on JS12 and JS22 blade servers. New storage options have also been announced, with the System Storage 7214 Tape a... 

  • Vision's view of the future of i

    High availability software vendor Vision Solutions' CEO Nicolaas Vlok shares his perspective on the the switch from System i to Power running i, and the global movement of the AS/400 software market. 

  • System i users: Power Systems merger good, OS name change mixed

    System i users are happy with the System p/System i merger, saying Power Systems could bring more visibility to System i. Not everyone's thrilled about the name change, though. 

  • Power Systems announcement shines at Common

    Attendees at this year's Common user group conference learned about IBM's big announcement that System i and System p will together become Power Systems. The merger has some wondering how to draw the AIX and Linux communities into the i family. 

  • IBM merges System i and System p platforms

    IBM's new Power Systems platform combines System i and System p. But the merger and name change may also mean better pricing -- and greater longevity -- for System i. 

  • Q&A: IBM System i Business Systems' Marc Dupaquier

    @46007 In July 2007, IBM Corp. split its System i division into two parts: the higher-end Power Systems unit, and the lower-end Business Systems unit. It soon became clear that the Business Systems unit would be crucial in the survival of the System ... 

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  • Big Blue (IBM)

    Big Blue refers to IBM, which has used blue as a branding color in its logo and elsewhere. 

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The IBM System i division is always evolving and trying new ways to promote the iSeries platform. Get news and information on what IBM and AS/400 software providers are doing to keep users supporting their businesses.