Kisco bundles Norton Anti-Virus Software with SafeNet/400

Kisco bundles Norton Anti-Virus Software with SafeNet/400


Kisco Information Systems announced a distribution deal with Symantec to bundle Norton Anti-Virus 2004 software with SafeNet/400. "Norton anti-virus is one of the leading virus scanning software solutions currently available," said Rich Loeber, Kisco's founder and president. He continued, "By bundling this software with SafeNet/400, we are giving our customers centralized virus scanning capability, an important new level of protection for their systems."

The addition of anti-virus software will allow customers to use the SafeNet/400 product to scan the iSeries-AS/400 Integrated File System (IFS) for viruses. The bundle will only be available to customers who purchase, or upgrade, to SafeNet/400 Advanced or SafeNet/400 Enterprise editions. Additionally, under the terms of the agreement, the bundled software will not be available with Kisco's standard, free 30-day software trial.

SafeNet/400 is the market leading exit-point solution for controlling iSeries-AS/400 access from network resources. For more information about the product, please visit, or send an email to



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