"Tree Building" service allows apps to be written once and accessible through OpsNav, Eclipse

"Tree Building" service allows apps to be written once and accessible through OpsNav, Eclipse


Raz-Lee Ltd. announced an innovative new service offering called "Tree Building". This solution easily adds custom software as a plug-in within Operations Navigator. Customers provide a conceptual menu seed and Raz-Lee plants the menu tree inside Operations Navigator, Eclipse and GUI Windows.

"Tree Building" enables developers to write an application just once and have it visible and accessible through Operations Navigator, Eclipse and as a stand-alone application tree. To use the new service, developers require no Operations Navigator knowledge or programming. This solution can shorten time to market of new applications and increase the visibility of existing applications.

By leveraging the Tree Building service, application users can easily access custom organizational applications through various convenient locations. Users also benefit from consistent handling of events regardless of interface.

Providing a service is a completely new business model for Raz-Lee, who has been developing products for the IBM iSeries for the past 23 years. Raz-Lee Ltd. is the first company to market with such an offering.

About Raz-Lee
Raz-Lee is an internationally recognized developer of software solutions for IBM iSeries (AS/400) systems, focusing on system security, productivity and system management solutions. For over 20 years, Raz-Lee has been serving the iSeries community with reliable and innovative products.

For details on the Tree Building Service, contact ilan@razlee.com.



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