Symtrax releases Bravo Express

Symtrax Corp., Los Angeles, Calif., has released software that it says can facilitate the distribution of AS/400...

objects via PC networks and the Internet.

Bravo Express, the first of three planned software products for distributing AS/400 objects to be released from Symtrax, allows a user to view all types of AS/400 objects--programs, physical, logical or other files, from a simple PC interface.

"Bravo Express will let software editors save a lot of time and money over traditional methods of distributing AS/400 objects and software," says David Morgenstern, vice president, Symtrax. "Many companies today use AS/400 cartridges and CD-ROMs to distribute software and other objects. This can be an exceedingly expensive operation just to send a PTF or an update. Software companies will now save money and time by delivering AS/400 objects via the Internet."

According to Morgenstern, the user can drag and drop objects from one AS/400 to another. The user may also select AS/400 objects and drag them to the PC, thus "packaging" objects into a special, compressed Bravo file. The Bravo file can be distributed via e-mail, a Web site, CD-ROM or any other PC technology. It can also be opened and restored to another AS/400 using the Bravo Reader, which is available for free download from the Web site.



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