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Response to CGIDEV2

IBM's is dropping support for CGIDEV2, free software that allows programmers to write code for the Internet using COBOL or RPG as CGI language. Here are some reactions to the move.

Recently, reported on IBM's decision to drop support for CGIDEV2, free software that allows programmers...

to write code for the Internet using COBOL or RPG as CGI language, effectively giving new life to old programs. Here is a sample of users' reactions to the move.

Another nail in the coffin

CGIDEV2 is one of the few methods we can use legacy RPG business logic in a web environment. If we drop this it is one more nail in the coffin of RPG and eventually the AS400.

Has anyone stopped to look? No other languages have the power of RPG and CL in concert. Just try to get visual basic or net data to take on the business logic of the thousands or maybe million AS400s running our business world that no one ever hears about, because it always works, it just keeps running and running.


Thanks for nothing

I would be EXTEREMLY mad and so would a lot of our clients!!!

We are a developer and we have developed a CGIDEV2 payroll employee service module that is used in many of our client sites. This self service module has enabled our clients to cut cost because employees can do all their own inquiries, "what if's" and also the employer does not have to print direct deposit stubs because the employees lookup their own direct deposit information. We are adding to this self service module just about every time we send a release out. We even added a capability that the payroll clerks can "create" their own web categories and post items to these categories.

Can you imagine what all our clients would do if suddenly their employees cannot see their direct deposit information on payday or now the payroll clerks are answering questions that the employees could see before on the self service module?

We went with this because it is so easy to use. We tried using WebSphere, we even went to Rochester for a private training, and it is just WAY to complicated for a RPG shop.

We also go to COMMON once a year for the last few years and this is where we learned a lot about CGIDEV2.

I would like this forwarded to the IBM people in charge so they can hear some real world complaints and how this product is used in our case.


Dancing in the streets in Redmond

I think that IBM is turning its back on those of us using the iSeries. I work in a shop struggling to keep the iSeries as its main server and [CGIDEV2] is a valuable tool for porting our RPG programs to our intranet. This gives us the ability to give an internet front end to the traditional green screens. IBM should not turn its back on those of us working to keep the iSeries alive and this tool allows us some great leverage towards that end.

While I understand IBM's desire to push WebSpere, the IT shop I work in has six folks. The chances of allowing someone to learn WebSpere is nil, hiring the experience is nil, and last time our group checked, osmosis doesn't work either. That means we are left with contracting out our work, even if we could afford WebSphere. Not a very viable option for our company, not a very smart move from IBM. Microsoft is dancing in the street just waiting for our corporate exec's to buy the story that they are feeding them.



This is the type of action I expect from Microsoft and not from IBM.


Was there a vote?

We have just begun using CGIDEV2 in earnest in order to "webize" the look and feel of our reports for our users. By using the CGI APIs we have been able to rejuvenate our old system. This "modernization" has enabled us to save the AS400 from the chopping block. We vote to keep it and support it.


What are they thinking?

When I received an email from Mr. Perotti explaining that IBM may not permit him to continue to offer support for CGIDEV2, I found it very distressing. I discovered CGIDEV2 when I was hired by the local sheriff's office and was asked to develop an intranet site which required some CGI programs. I looked into WebSphere and found the original version to be unstable and difficult to work with and then I ran across CGIDEV2. Within the first week, I had created a CGI program which did everything we wanted to do and without the pain of working with WebSphere. I am in the process of creating another set of programs right now and I, along with other RPG programmers I have been contact with, don't understand IBM's desire to kill this fine set of tools. You may put me on the list for "IBM, what are you thinking?" Although WebSphere has improved and I imagine we will be developing with WebSphere in the future, I still see an important place for CGIDEV2.


Just when you think…

IBM has found yet another way to push companies off the platform and on to Microsoft, Oracle, etc. I thought they had exhausted all the possibilities.


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