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BCD's WebSmart V5.10 makes it easier to develop for the Web

Want to use your existing code to develop for the Web? Business Computer Design International's WebSmart V5.10 can get you there.

Want to use your existing code to develop for the Web? Business Computer Design International's WebSmart V5.10...

can get you there.

Released earlier this month, WebSmart V5.10 includes a new optional module called RDW - RPG / DDS to Web Conversion tool. It converts your ILE RPG and RPG/400 code to WebSmart's ProGen Macro Language (PML) and also converts display file DDS to HTML.

With RDW, it isn't all or nothing. You can convert entire programs or certain parts of a program to the Web.

Eric Figura, sales and marketing manager of BCD International, said one of the key differentiators between this version of WebSmart and previous versions is that it converts the code. The tool has always created new programs and extend existing ones to the Web, and now it actually converts the code, too.

Other new features in WebSmart V5.10 include client-side code generation capabilities, enhanced HTML wizards, a new interactive SQL processor, vertical views of HTML segments, and a streamlined change management interface.

The client-side code generator lets developers write programs and generate source code on a PC in WebSmart's IDE. The source is then compiled on the iSeries.

The enhanced HTML wizards remove the need to know HTML, thereby reducing the learning curve for technicians new to Web application development.

BCD's pricing makes WebSmart even more attractive. The license for the RDW module is free. For a limited time, the standard license fee of $10,000 will be waived and only the annual maintenance of $1,835 will be billed.

The ProGen WebSmart Interactive Development Environment (IDE) for unlimited developers ranges from $5,500 to $11,000. The Web Application Server for unlimited end users costs $5,000 to $10,500 based on the model and processor.

For more information and to download WebSmart, visit BCD's Web site.

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