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iSeries Java programming

  • EGL Rich UI on IBM i: Do you Dojo?

    Taking advantage of the Rich UI features of EGL architecture on the AS/400 can save you time and complexity. Rich internet applications can be difficult to write, even with Java and Webspher. EGL eliminates the need for programmers to learn ... Continue Reading

  • Database performance comparisons on IBM i

    Testing performance of RLA in the IBM Java Toolbox against JDBC and native I/O for the AS/400 revealed that RPG on System i is the most efficient language, and DB2 is taken for granted. Joe Pluta built some benchmarks to compare different aspects of... Continue Reading

  • Database drivers on the i: MySQL vs. IBM Toolbox

    Which reads data from i faster: MySQL or IBM Toolbox drivers? Joe Pluta put the drivers to the test in both an AS/400 and a Windows environment. The conclusion: MySQL over its own database performs roughly as well as IBM's Java Toolbox over DB2 data... Continue Reading

  • iSeries freeware/shareware library

    Who says there's no such thing as free lunch? Here are a number of useful tools that can be used as is or customized to fit your needs. Check them out and see if any are good for your shop. Continue Reading